Give Your Gifts That X-tra Something!

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X-Men Original Sin gift card, ribbon, and envelope.
X-Men Original Sin wrapping paper sample.

The Incredible Hulk

Panels and Panels of Pound 'Em Fun!

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Incredible Hulk gift card, ribbon, and envelope.
Incredible Hulk wrapping paper sample.

The Mighty Thor

Make Your Gifts Legendary This Year!

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The Mighty Thor gift card, ribbon, and envelope.
The Mighty Thor wrapping paper sample.

Hero Wrap comic book wrapping paper; a new way to enjoy your old comic book favorites.

Classic adventures, mighty heroes and the villains you love to hate are transformed into high-quality sheets of comic book wrapping paper fun!

3 Hero Wrap gift wrap sheets with picture of wrapped present

Extremely durable, Hero Wrap protects your gift or whatever you choose to wrap.

Water-resistant, tear-resistant and completely reusable, Hero Wrap comic wrapping paper is the gift wrap that is a gift all by itself!

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Marvel Hero Wraps
Samples of the gift cards and gift card envelopes available with each Hero Wrap

Every Hero Wrap set of gift wrap comes with a hand-made gift card created from the comic book cover, a high-quality gift card envelope, and 2 lengths of satin ribbon for wrapping your gift.

Each set has been created to present a color coordinated and visually striking gift-giving presentation.

A selection of satin ribbons available with each set of Hero Wrap wrapping paper
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